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25CSM04T-I/SN - EEPROM 4 Mbit - SPI

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 4Mb SPI Serial EEPROM 


Tension  de fonctionnement : 2.5 a 5.5V
Fréquence Max : 8MHZ
Page size : 256 Bytes

Endurance : 1,000,000
Bus de communication SPI



Device Overview


The Microchip 25CSM04 is a 4 Mb Serial EEPROM with a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) capable of operation across a broad voltage range (2.5V to 5.5V). The device is organized as one block of 524,288 bytes of 8-bits each (512 KByte). It includes a security register with a 128-bit unique serial number and a 256-byte (2048-bit) user-programmable lockable ID page, built in ECC, and a configurable write protection scheme for all bytes.  The 25CSM04 is optimized for use in consumer electronics, industrial, and medical applications where reliable and dependable nonvolatile memory storage is essential, and is packaged in SOIC, DFN, and WLCSP purchase options.

Additional Features
  • 524,288 x 8 bit; page size of 256 bytes
  • Byte or sequential reads; byte or page writes
  • Self-timed write cycle (5 ms maximum)
  • Security register featuring preprogrammed 128-bit serial number and 256-byte user-programmable lockable ID page
  • Built-in Error Correction Code (ECC) Logic with ECC Status bit via the STATUS register
  • JEDEC(R) SPI Manufacturer Read ID Support
  • High-Speed Clock Frequency of 8MHz at Vcc > 3.0V; 5MHz at Vcc >2.5V
  • Legacy Write Protection Mode with a quarter, half, or entire array protection
  • Enhanced Software Write Protection Mode with user-definable partitions and each partition settable with unique protection behavior
  • Write current: 3.0mA at 5V; Read current: 3.0mA at 5V, 8MHz, Standby Current 1.0uA at 2.5V
  • More than one million erase/write cycles
  • Data Retention > 100 years
  • ESD Protection > 4000V
  • Industrial Temp Range